About Us

With the development of information technology, access to goods and services has moved to the Internet. More and more manufacturers talk about their products using the possibilities of the global network. I really want to have all the relevant information in one place, and this is possible with the help of 1goodreviews.com. To this end, the first independent resource was created, where reviews of 1goodreviews.com are published.

About us

The service started 5 years ago. Our team was practically at the origins of business development in the network. During this time, a lot has been done and today the team continues to expand the network of businesses, online stores, goods, services, pharmacy chain products and other resources whose businesses are of interest to users. Through the use of an information resource with the publication of reviews, site visitors form an objective impression of the activities of a particular organization, service, product, product, which may affect the parameters of the subsequent choice.
The team is interested in the most honest and objective assessment of the work of resources and companies. For this reason, the materials posted on the site page are moderated within 24 hours. The user can be sure that the site support service will not allow unacceptable user behavior, dishonest deception or downgrading of the purchased goods / services.
Attention! If you have any questions, conflict situations, we recommend contacting the technical support of the resource. We will contact you and look into your question/situation.
Companys mission

Main purpose of the service

  • Helping users make decisions when choosing a product/service.
  • Knowledge of materials, knowledge of reviews of purchased products, goods, services.

The site team helps to check the reputation, share a personal impression of the purchase, draw users attention to a specific situation/problem. The user has the opportunity to publish publications, upload photo and video content, which will be considered as a real confirmation of involvement in the situation described in the review.
Numerous reviews are published daily on the site, contributing to the formation of an objective opinion about a product / service, company, etc.The technical staff monitors updates on the network and improves the service, improving its characteristics, making it as convenient as possible for those who care about their reputation.


For a long time, the resource has established itself on the positive side. For this reason, an integral part of the service is that larger and more well-known organizations seek to cooperate with us, the up-to-date information about the work of which is available to users. Official representatives of interested companies monitor reputational parameters and, in case of conflict situations, provide assistance in resolving them as soon as possible. The site not only publishes useful materials, but also allows the user to post their impressions of what they have tried or purchased, which can be useful to those who are considering the purchase / purchase of certain goods / services.
The first independent review site is one of the most popular information resources, launched in 2010. Over the years, we continue to actively expand the base of well-known companies, online stores of goods and services, medicines, and pharmacies. Thanks to our service, users can have a certain idea about a particular subject.